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Mentorship We collaborate with the NUS […] While the former involves more essay writing, the latter involves more mathematical work and requires students to use calculus, linear algebra and statistical analysis in their work. (Hons) Concurrent Degree Programme Law and Public Policy NOTE: FAQs on DDP/CDP 2. NUS Economics Society (ECS) is a student-led organisation established in 1961. Instead, we have examinations, one in mid-semester and another at the end of the semester. How is the schoolwork at NUS Economics? Economics; Undergraduate Economics is a social science that deals with the creation, distribution and consumption of resources. Bursaries We award bursaries to under-privileged economics undergraduates. It is the study of how different stakeholders, from governments to consumers, can allocate their scant resources efficiently through effective decision-making. 1. I also sourced for university notes on Carousell before university and skimmed through them to get a gist of what I was going to study. Why did you choose NUS over the other schools? NUS Engineering has been lauded for its educational leadership in the recently published “Global state of the art in engineering education” report by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), the only university outside of US and northern Europe to feature among the world’s top 10. The Fund awards bursaries and scholarships to students pursuing social work studies at undergraduate and post-graduate levels, as well as support professional social work research and training. Thesis Advisor: Dr Eric Fesselmeyer. NUS Engineering leader in education. With a rich history spanning across more than 50 years, NUS ECS has been constantly evolving and improving itself to cater to the needs of the NUS Economics student population. I picked NUS because of a more recognized global name. What advice do you have for university applicants? About NUS Economics Economics in NUS places emphasis on strong foundation in economic theories, mathematical models, and statistical methods which prepare undergraduates for postgraduate research. An undergraduate degree from NUS is more than just a badge of honour for you to wear proudly, or simply a means of enhancing your career prospects. NUS FASS BA Brochure. For NTU Economics, however, you would be matriculating into the course itself and have little room to jump to another major if Economics doesn’t fit you. In my opinion, competency and interest in Mathematics are more important factors to consider when deciding whether to do Economics or not. Economics focuses on the behaviour and interactions of different types of economic agents (consumers, workers, firms, government, etc. Most courses at Yale-NUS are worth 5MCs. Read more Undergraduate Majors & Minors for Non-Business Students: Cohort 2017 and After Cohort 2016 and Before Double Degree BBAs BBA + Business Analytics BBA + Comms & New Media BBA + Computing BBA + Economics BBA […] I helped organise a flea market for second-hand clothing which was really enjoyable! In fact many of my close friendships and relationships go back to my undergraduate years. 4. There is one job opening that I am aware of that is specifically for Economics graduates only and that is the Economist Service at the Ministry of Trade and Industry. She shares about what you need to consider before you decide to pursue an Economics degree. At the NUS School of Computing, as in many other leading universities, there is a growing interest in the application of economics to numerous new research frontiers in e-commerce, information technology products and industries, and the use of information and IT in business and society. At the same time, the programme will equip students with the necessary knowledge in economics which will help them succeed in the global marketplace. The University Scholars Programme [USP] is a premier undergraduate programme that selects highly talented students from Faculties across NUS. What is the student life like in NUS Economics? Personally, I am doing a minor in Business Management and History. The discipline of Economics is the key to an understanding and analysis of economies and their constituent components. I would say some of the professors are really passionate about the subject they teach while the others are pretty mundane. Undergraduate economics teaching at the LSE blends rigorous training in the traditional tools of economic analysis with innovations in course content and pedagogical approaches. Apart from these, I am also doing basic Korean language modules at NUS. Interest in JC Economics can be an indicator of whether you will like the study of Undergrad-level Economics, albeit weak because of the sheer amount of mathematical work involved in the latter that is somewhat absent in the former. The NUS BBA Our NUS Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is a pre-eminent leadership and management talent programme. I would say it is not very important. On a side note, I didn’t get into a Residential College because there is so much competition between students to get into them, especially Tembusu (chiefly because of Professor Tommy Koh). As university students you have much more time to make connections and spend time with friends. Economics. 10. I have coursemates who hadn’t done Economics in their lives before university and were from polytechnic courses like Business and Engineering. 24 June to 6 September 2019 from the University of British Columbia. Cultivate an interest in things outside of school! NUS Economics Undergraduate Thesis. Author: Lim Jiew Peng. 11. She also talks about why she chose NUS. Choosing NUS Political Science over Business, An Insight into NUS Electrical Engineering, whether it is a core module for your major, where the module ranks in your module choices. The only other course I was considering was Politics, Law, and Economics (PLE) at SMU but I wasn’t accepted. Being young, I am open to various options. ... National University of Singapore Development Office. Even though the module is heavy on Mathematics, I love how passionate the professor is. If that isn’t possible, I want to work in Data Analytics or Marketing! For instance, NTU is known for its strength in Behavioural Economics. Some modules have graded group projects too! For some odd reason, I did not consider Business school at all at that point. I like the people I have met! Following this, we did microeconomics, which is simpler than the microeconomics I took in JC. The Internet provides so many opportunities to learn so use it well! The curriculum allows students to change majors relatively easily if they realise that a particular major is not for them. One example is this module called “Economics of Education”. Shaw Foundation Alumni House #03-01 11 Kent Ridge Drive Secondly, there are some Economics modules that I want to take which are only offered at NUS Economics. Undergraduate Degree Programmes 4-Year LLB Programme 3-Year Graduate LLB Programme : Double Degree Programmes Business Administration and Law Economics & Law Law and Life Sciences Law and Yale-NUS B.A. Learning across faculties and disciplines is highly valued and practised, with other cross-disciplinary initiatives available for a well-rounded knowledge base and transferable skills. Is it important to have a background in Economics to do the degree? Annie Tran Lien Khanh Hoa. Other minor factors that tipped the scale in favour of NUS were accessibility of the campus and residential life. Annie Tranh is an undergraduate student majoring in International Economics, Vancouver School of Economics, University of British Columbia. Some universities offer undergraduate degree students the opportunity to specialise in a particular area of economics, such as: agricultural economics, econometrics, environmental and resource economics, financial economics and political economy. I was part of the Students Against Violation of the Earth (SAVE) club at NUS. NUS Economics PhD Scholarship introduction: National University of Singapore Economics Department is a department in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS). NUS FASS and NTU Economics offered a spot whereas I was rejected by SMU PLE. I was intrigued by how Economics is prevalent in our everyday lives and how the study of Economics teaches us to make decisions in our own lives as well. There are several factors that affect your job prospects in the banking industry. For example, economics is a strong background for further studies in law, business, graduate work in economics, public administration, health management, hospital administration, urban affairs, transportation studies, etc. They are complementary disciplines that build on each other, but with different focuses (namely, a business focus vs. a focus on the whole society). UNC–Chapel Hill undergraduates can spend between two and four semesters at the National University of Singapore (NUS) and receive a joint bachelor of arts degree with a major in economics from both institutions. ), and how economies work. Contrary to other FASS majors, NUS Economics modules typically do not need as much reading and essay writing, at least for the core modules. How can one prepare for Economics before entering university? For NTU Economics, however, you would be matriculating into the course itself and have little room to jump to another major if Economics doesn’t fit you. Undergraduate Programmes in NUS NUS is a comprehensive university offering our students a diverse spectrum of courses and enriching them through our multidisciplinary and cross-faculty approaches. I thought I’ll share a little on the experience of taking Economics in NUS. Special Opportunities in Economics National University of Singapore Joint Degree Program. Learning across faculties and disciplines is highly valued and practised, with other cross-disciplinary initiatives available for a well-rounded knowledge base and transferable skills. For this sharing, we have Darice. 7. There are several factors they take into account. They can choose if they want to write the Honours Thesis. Don’t restrict your learning to the school curriculum. Department Newsletter December 2020 This issue features Tan Kwan Boon, Evelyn Kok and Yu Xinyao, who are practitioners and researchers in the social service sector. NUS has a mixture of depth and breadth. I took Economics without prior knowledge of how the course would be like. In my opinion, I’d say there was a smooth transition into NUS Economics because the professors kickstarted the course with an Introduction to Economic Analysis module. Admission Students will be admitted into the double degree programme only if they meet the requirements of both the Faculty of Engineering and the Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences. Undergraduate Overview ABOUT National University of Singapore (NUS) offers a distinctively Asian and global experience that is grounded in maximising the potential of students and their future-readiness, and broad-based research excellence that enables beneficial translation. I know that the finance industry is open to students from majors other than business. Is Junior College (JC) Economics comparable to Undergraduate Economics? I was keen on joining a Residential College at NUS whereas NTU did not have such a thing. Business is the study of how individual businesses are managed while Economics is the study of how different stakeholders, like individual businesses and consumers, interact in the economy. Darice is currently pursuing a degree in Economics at NUS as well as a minor in History and Business Management. The two can be quite different. You could attend the Econs orientation camp to get to know more people and seniors! The supervisor may propose a different set of assessment weightage and should do so in the proposal before it is endorsed by the department’s coordinator. Events We organise events for both alumni and students, such as the Annual Chinese New Year Lo-Hei, talks by prominent alumni on various topics, and networking events. As someone who still had doubts about her interest in Economics, I was drawn to the flexibility of the NUS FASS curriculum. NUS Economics Society | 106 followers on LinkedIn. 13. What were the other degrees you were considering? They can choose to do a BA degree or attempt the BSocSci Honors programme. I have heard of one student who is taking Economics with Mathematics. History is just out of pure curiosity and interest in the subject as I have heard that it is more unorthodox compared to JC History. The more common second majors people take alongside Economics are Business Management and Statistics. Are there any minors or subjects that complement Economics that you recommend people to take? I am doing Business Management because I am interested in Marketing and hope to work in that field in the future. The Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences at the National University of Singapore invites you to join us in FASStrack Asia for an exciting 5-week summer programme and an opportunity to understand Singapore (and Asia) through experiential learning, hands-on research and in-depth cultural immersion.. FASStrack Asia offers a choice of over 10 modules from the Asian Studies … Brochures SMU BSC Economics Brochure. The Department emphasizes the importance of a strong curriculum and good teaching. Eventually, I started to find it interesting and useful because I could understand the application of mathematics to economic problems. I applied to take Economics at NUS, NTU and SMU and received positive replies from all. Prospective Students ANNOUNCEMENTS Juris Doctor Progamme NEW LLM Webinar Series NEW COVID-19 Teaching Update for New Academic Year 2020-21 NEW The NUS Advantage NEW Welcome Weekend Undergraduate Programmes OVERVIEW OF UNDERGRADUATE PROGRAMMES Undergraduate Degree Programmes 4-Year LLB Programme 3-Year Graduate … Undergraduate Programmes (Quantitative Finance & Financial Mathematics) For queries on Major in Quantitative Finance (QF), Minor in Financial Mathematics, QF … They have been really nice and helpful. Mission: ECS believes in holistic growth for our Undergraduate Economics students, regardless if they are Single Major, Double Major, Double Degree, Joint Degree or Minor students. Concern in this case will be lack of prior exposure to Marketing. Department recommends the following standard guidelines for assessment. However, this doesn’t mean that NTU is inferior as each school has its own strengths. One example is this module called “Economics of Education”. For more information on the FASS curriculum, click here! What is the study of Economics all about? I am taking a break from it as I am currently serving on two organising committees of two different orientation camps, the Economics camp and the Community Service Clubs camp. I have a penchant for Economics and the Social Sciences. The Economics major will involve one gateway course, four required courses including at least one of Advanced Microeconomics, Advanced Macroeconomics, and Advanced Econometrics, at least 3 more elective courses, and a capstone project that will count as two courses. It was through these seniors that I got valuable tips on how to survive NUS Economics, like which lecturers are good. 8. Because it is about people and the real world, Economics enables students to learn about banking, finance, globalisation, and also about broader social issues such as poverty, education, health and the environment. These are: The most common industry Economics students go into is the banking and finance sector. The National University of Singapore (NUS) is the national research university of Singapore.Founded in 1905 as the Straits Settlements and Federated Malay States Government Medical School, NUS is the oldest higher education institution in Singapore.According a number of surveys, It is consistently ranked within the top 20 universities in the world and is considered … NUS FASS can be really flexible in allowing students to explore their interests. Singapore Citizens/SPRs with International Qualifications, Scholarships for Freshmen Singapore Citizens, Scholarships for Freshmen International Students, Scholarships for Current NUS Undergraduates, Overview & Eligibility for Full-time Undergraduates, Overview & Eligibility for Part-time Undergraduates, Overview & Eligibility for RNSmen Reading iBLOC / Special Term, MOE Tuition Grant, Tuition Fees and Cost of Living, Concurrent Bachelor of Computing (Information Systems) Honours and Master of Science (Management) Programme, Joint Bachelor of Social Sciences (Honours) in Actuarial Studies and Economics, Joint Bachelor of Arts (Honours) NUS and Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours) ANU, Joint Bachelor of Science (Honours) NUS and Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours) ANU, DDP in Business Administration and Communications & New Media, DDP in Computing and Business Administration, DDP in Business Administration & Engineering, For more information regarding Minor Programmes, please click, For more information regarding Double Major Programmes, please click. Secondly, there are some Economics modules that I want to take which are only offered at NUS Economics. 3. If you don’t overload modules, I would say it is entirely possible to juggle your schoolwork and extracurricular activities. For those wondering if they are really interested in the study of Economics, I would advise you to read the news to see if you are interested in how policy-making affects economies because that is essentially a big part of what you will be analysing in Economics, especially if you take Applied and Policy Economics. The second most common one would be the public sector, specifically statutory boards and agencies like the Economic Development Board, Ministry of Trade and Industry, Ministry of Education, and Ministry of Finance. Keep in mind that I did this out of interest and enthusiasm and there is no need to do this before you start university! Maybe this will help new undergraduates. What are you looking to do after the degree? The undergraduate curriculum offered by the Department of Economics builds on a strong core of theoretical analysis and empirical methods of economics and covers in depth a wide range of specialized sub-fields of the discipline. The NUS Economics Department has more than 50 faculty members, whose research interests span all the major fields of the discipline. Current university students from various courses are interviewed so that they can share their views and experiences with everyone so that we can all make a better decision when it comes to picking our course. To date, more than $200,000 has been raised through donations and fund raising events. I found it interesting and decided, there and then, that Economics is what I want to do at university. This is particularly true for honours (EC4xxx) modules, so do think twice before embarking on the honours track. Those who are not willing to improve their mathematical knowledge should stay away. My favourite module so far has been Quantitative Methods for Economic Analysis. Students who study economics in NUS interact with faculty members who are doing some of the finest research in Asia. Usually in class, we go through our weekly problem sets which are usually short-answer questions! After my A-Levels, I decided to read my JC Economics notes once again. 17. Profile II Graduate studies in Economics from a very good university/institute. Where do you see yourself in 5 years? I’ll say that I am not a huge fan of mathematics but I still worked on it. People can also often transfer to political science and other fields in the social sciences if you should wish. 14. Other useful modules that I am looking to take include Programming Tools for Economics, which is an essential skill that employers look for, and Economic and Financial Forecasting, which is useful if you intend to enter the field of economic research or other related fields. Several excellent PhD candidates from the Economics Department are seeking full time employment. Economics won’t teach you everything that you will need in the workforce later on. 16. This thesis is about identifying the intangible award effects that an environmental certification like Singapore's Green Mark provides, separating them from other effects such as energy savings or unobserved quality differences between GM-rated and non-GM rated … To be a leading Academic Society which value-adds to every Undergraduate Economics Student in NUS. For more information on NUS Economics, please watch this video made by the department of NUS Economics for the E-Open House! Doing Economics at the tertiary level is not a prerequisite to enter NUS Economics.

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