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treehouse of horror xxv tv tropes

Among the alternate Simpson families are ones styled like, The anime style family that comes in after the CGI family. When Marge says to him that she thought he was dead he explains he is actually in Limbo. Lisa uses hers to cheat at a gym examination by flying up the rope she was supposed to climb, Milhouse drops Dolph into a volcano after Dolph bullies him, Lisa turns Bart's 'Skinner is a wiener' graffiti into 'Skinner is a winner' (only for Skinner to change it back as he thinks someone misspelled wiener), plays the background music on all her instruments, and Milhouse plays Whack-A-Mole with his bullies, merges his parents into Two Beings, One Body, and gives Apu and Snake multiple arms. Grampa Simp-san at one time utters Franziska von Karma's "foolishly foolish fool" line from the. A giant hand made of fire then comes out of the desk and grabs Bart and Lisa, sending them to hell (and pulls the fire alarm lever, just because). Bart doesn't want to hurt his dad, but Homer is okay with it, because of how well Bart is doing in the school of hell. A parody of Godzilla; the grandfather of the Simp-san family frequently sacrifices a doughnut to a giant sea monster to keep it at bay. In this year's triptych of terror, Homer is the cheery, yet homicidal "Fat in the Hat" in the Dr. Seuss parody, "Oh, The Places You'll D'oh! The Barts ruin the mood somewhat by cutting them in half with a ghostly saw. In an opening like The Tonight Show with Johnny … “I'll bet you blew up the town just to get out of cleaning the garage! A bubble of the stuff pops and blows them back out of the hole. "Bart Gets an F" "Simpson and Delilah" "Treehouse of Horror" "Two Cars in Every Garage and Three Eyes on Every Fish": Mr. Burns makes an unsuccessful attempt to run for Governor of the state Springfield is in to keep his power plant from shutting down. "Treehouse of Horror VI" is the sixth episode of The Simpsons' seventh season and the sixth episode in the Treehouse of Horror series. The campaign goes awry when Burns is served the three eyed fish Bart caught close to the plant. Krusty Burger has come up with the unholy concoction of a Burger2 (Burger squared) where cows are fed other cows in order to make a really, really beefy burger which … your own Pins on Pinterest : Past … Bart and Lisa follow to rescue him, and they find a load of radioactive ooze down there. The Simpsons has been on the air for over 30 years, so it's not surprising if fans have missed some episodes over the years. "This is not a proportional punishmeeeeent! Lisa and Milhouse quickly discover that the goop gave them Mind over Matter powers. The very first episode of "Treehouse of Horror" was very broad, covering the basic tropes of respected horror genres. May 11, 2015 - “Oh! The Simpsons (Comic Book) - All The Tropes. In an opening like The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson they give a long list of celebrity guests, but it turns out they nailed their bodies on a wall to spell out this episode's title. ; Most Annoying Sound: Lisa screaming.It would even make Your Head Asplode.. Flanders screaming like a girl. It is sometimes rendered as a C++ function: Worst. Maggie is, When the younger droogs beat up Moe, Kearney grabs his statue of. Dr. Marvin Monroe also has a cameo. "Treehouse of Horror VII" is the first episode of The Simpsons' eighth season. The Simpsons really suffers from this one… to the point, an entire page was done just on the series alone. At least Treehouse of Horror XXX would later spoof The Shape of Water. ; Nightmare Fuel Vanity Plate: The Gracie Films Logo, due to the sudden darkness and the woman saying "shhhh". YMMV though, since it's funny to some. The TV show even used it as one of its episode titles (appropriately "Worst Episode EVER", though it actually refers to a cardiac episode). Marge asks if he's alive or dead, and he says he's in a sort of limbo- he can walk halfway through walls, and then gets stuck. Hey Arnold! Bart congratulates Lisa on doing that, but she didn't. The heretic student helps explain the school to the Simpsons as they walk through the hall. Shame, that. Someone slides into Marge's place in bed- however, that somebody is invisible. She had a son with him, called Bartie Ziff. Tracey Ullman!Marge shows up while Homer is bathing. A page for describing YMMV: Simpsons S26 E3 "Treehouse of Horror XXV". He's happy, but freaked out when they're joined by the ghost of The Simpsons!Marge, who complains about how Homer doesn't notice her. The next morning, as both families are eating breakfast together, The Simpsons!Lisa says she had a worrisome thought: if there can be two versions of the Simpsons at once, what's stopping there from being even more? But the annual Treehouse of Horror anthology episodes have always been a good source of comedy and featured some surprisingly effective scares. He's annoyed that the blood is asking him for a favor, and writes 'NO!!!' The two Marges decide to force Modern Homer to choose between them. At that moment, a CGI version of the family enters, followed by an anime version of the family (with Maggie as Pikachu, Lisa as Mikasa, Bart as Naruto, Santa's Little Helper as Haku in dragon form, Homer as Zoro, and Marge as Rangiku Matsumoto), a Adventure Time family (Bart as Finn the Human, Homer as the Ice King, and Marge as Princess Bubblegum), a South Park family, an Archer family, the family's Sylvain Chomet designs, the LEGO Simpsons from Brick Like Me, a family of Minions, and the Simpsons' animal selves from The Island of Dr. Hibbert, a previous Treehouse of Horror segment. Bart ends up graduating as class valedictorian. He wonders if it's still big, but gets mocked by another student. It promptly starts snowing. Homer's voice is also lower and the characters belch a lot. The show opens with Kang and Kodos welcoming us to the 25th anniversary. TVTropes is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. Grandpa Simpson freaks out and runs through Tracey Ullman!Homer, who yells for "A little respect!". Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available from In this take off of A Clockwork Orange as well as mixing virtually every film by Stanley Kubrick, Moe narrates his life as a former gang leader, their break-up and reorganizing the gang for one last bash up. Milhouse then fills the Simpsons' yard with moai statues of him and gathers many citizens of Springfield into a giant ball, before the ball and statues are zapped away, and Milhouse is brought low with another zap. The Simpsons S25E2 "Treehouse of Horror XXIV", The Simpsons S 27 E 5 Treehouse Of Horror XXVI, One of the signs the Simpsons' house is possessed in "The Others" is the TV only plays, Some of the alternate families at the end are their animal-forms from "The Island of Dr. Hibbert" in ", The statues in the Korova Milk Bar are the Seven Duffs from Duff Gardens in, We see the donut-feeding torture used for Homer in ", When Moe is kicked out of his gang by Leonard and Carlton, he briefly winds up clinging to the shoes of, When the students gather to see the school's lunchlady naked, Martin Prince is seen carrying a copy of. And Kent Brockman, for one, welcomes our new insect overlords. Bart and Lisa walk in. Because a major plot point in episode "The City of New York vs. Homer Simpson" had their car being parked on the World Trade Center's plaza, it wasn't shown much in syndication after September 11th. They run back home, and when they're back and Bart is being tucked into bed, he asks to change schools. "Treehouse of Horror X" is the fourth episode of The Simpsons' eleventh season, and the tenth annual Treehouse of Horror episode, consisting of three self-contained segments. TV Review: The Simpsons 27.5 "Treehouse Of Horror XXVI" Dan Castellaneta, Nancy Cartwright, Julie Kavner, Yeardley Smith, Kelsey Grammer Sundays 8pm FOX. Both Marges make up with their respective Homers. Lines like "They put all the jerks in Tower One!" jump in and out of the store's automatic doors, Willie goes shifty-eyed for a minute before he just takes off running. 24 years of trying to kill a ten-year-old child have finally paid off. Turns out, he's being punished for how lame his comics were. Bet per televiziją aš nekantrauju nieko daugiau, kaip „Treehouse of Horror“. Marge leaves to go make up the couch for him, and Homer goes back to sleep. The comics were created by Bongo Comics. Yup, he's gone mad with power. Modern Marge confronts her Homer about how his desire for someone new started the whole fiasco. When the Simpsons meet their past selves the animation of their early versions is spoofed, complete with the overly expressive moving eyes and jaws. Bart and Lisa go through the portal, the other end of which is at a pentagram in Mr. Burns' office. My name is Agnes and you know its Agnes! 1 History 2 Appearances 3 Gallery 4 Citations After Bart makes it so that Marge and Homer never got together, Marge got married to Artie Ziff. I did it, I did it, I did it, I killed Bart dead! Lamb of God!” Agnes Skinner responding to Marge not knowing her name “Seymour!” Agnes’ catchphrase Agnes Skinner is the strict and bitter mother of Seymour Skinner. The Exor-Sis: Maggie gets possessed by an evil demon called Pazuzu. The spirits chase after the Simpson children into their house, with the Frank Grimes monster taking Homer's soul in return. "Treehouse of Horror XII" was directed by Jim Reardon and co-written by Joel H. Cohen, John Frink, Don Payne and Carolyn Omine. She is very … The Simpsons light a lot of candles in the living room, and Homer demands the ghosts show themselves in the name of the book he's holding- The Car-Lovers' Bible. However, he continues with 'The power of Chrysler compels you!'. Treehouse of Horror XXVII, the 600th episode of the series, featuring "Dry Hard", "BFF R.I.P", and "Moefinger". Lisa says that the TV will only play Married... With Children (or variations). Homer compliments her on her melons (which turn out to be literal melons in the kitchen). Mr. Burns is seen wearing samurai armor, which have been rendered obsolete by the late 19th century. Marge notes that the milkshakes have vanished... but that's Homer's fault. Treehouse of Horror XXIX, featuring "Intrusion of the Pod … It originally aired on the Fox network in the United States on October 30, 1994, and features three short stories titled The Shinning, Time and Punishment, and Nightmare Cafeteria.. “The Diving Bell and the Butterball” at least stands out for being so off … The Simpsons first aired from 1987 to 1989 as a series of animated shorts on The Tracey Ullman Show.Unofficially known as "Season 0," the original 48 ad-bumpers kicked off what is now well established as one of television's all-time classic series (which premiered on the then-fledgling FOX network in December 1989). Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available from When Bart says the school is free, Homer's fine with it. Billyboy and Dim wear more standard police uniforms in the film. Later, when they're in bed, Marge says that she thinks that they aren't alone. Tracey Ullman!Homer is annoyed because, as a ghost, he can't strangle Bart. He says that he can handle "all the ghost you can float at me", and dismisses his concerns of Tracey Ullman!Homer being a threat. The teacher quizzes her students on what eternal torture would be best for a bank robber. She's right- Grandpa Simpson is in bed with them, because he got caught in their sheets after sleeping in the dryer. SimpsonaiKasmetiniai „Siaubo treehouse“ epizodai yra mano TV žiūrėjimo patirties aukščiausias taškas. Lisa walks away with the other girls, and Bart is caught by the principal, who asks him for his hell pass. Modern Marge is annoyed that Homer likes ghosts better, and so decides to kill herself in her oven (and clean it up while she's at it). So what would happen if Sideshow Bob finally killed Bart, and then revived and killed over and over again, gets whacked with a sledgehammer not once, then folded into a paper plane before being thrown into a.

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