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inspired in a sentence

Minos, instead of sacrificing' it, spared its life, and Poseidon, as a punishment, inspired Pasiphae with an unnatural passion for it. The most interesting room in this building is that which was occupied by Luther in 1530, where the surroundings may have inspired, though (as is now proved) he did not compose, the famous hymn, Ein' feste Burg ist unser Gott; the bed on which he slept, and the pulpit from which he preached in the old chapel are shown. 22 3 ff.) The books which inspired the two cinematic epics of 1999 are exultant calls to national pride at times of turbulance. CK 439635 Which drama series do you like best? inspired me. It was the hand of the author of that offensive Missive to Frederick William III., on the liberty of the press, that drafted the Carlsbad decrees; it was he who inspired the policy of repressing the freedom of the universities; and he noted in his diary as "a day more important than that of Leipzig" the session of the Vienna conference of 1819, in which it was decided to make the convocation of representative assemblies in the German states impossible, by enforcing the letter of Article XIII. Moreover, as being inseparably associated with the highest act of worship, it inspired composers in direct proportion to their piety and depth of mind. The extent of her family connexions, and the correspondence she maintained with foreign sovereigns, together with the confidence inspired by her personal character, often enabled her to smooth the rugged places of international relations; and she gradually became in later years the link between all parts of a democratic empire, the citizens of which felt a passionate loyalty for their venerable queen. From all the lower levels where superstition and cruelty reign, from the depths of fear inspired by fetichism, we look on to the higher level of Judaism as the progressive religion of the old world. His character has been misrepresented by Roman writers, whom his name inspired with terror down to the times of the empire. Broadly speaking his work in those very 'eighties was not so good as the labour, essentially delicate and fresh and just, of some years earlier, nor had it always the attractiveness of the impulsive deliverances of some years later, when the inspired sketch was the thing that he generally stopped at. He was an inspired choice for the role. As the prevalence of the conceptions signified and inspired by the word "phlogiston" kept alive ontological notions of disease, so the dissipation of vitalistic conceptions in the field of physics prepared men's minds in pathology for the new views opened by the discoveries of Pasteur on the side of pathogeny, and of J. Carmen must be quite a woman to inspire such admiration from Katie. They are inspired also by a fervid and steadfast glow of spirit and reveal a gentleness and humanity of sentiment blended with the severe gravity of the original Roman character. Several of them were men of mark among the statesmen of the time, and it is the highest testimony to the character of Confucius that he inspired them with feelings of admiration and reverence. Maybe that incident inspired her dream that night. Abstract The field of biologically inspired computing has generated many novel, interesting and useful computational systems. His letter, preserved by the imperial biographer, Eusebius of Caesarea, is a state document inspired by a wisely conciliatory policy; it made out both parties to be equally in the right and in the wrong, at the same time giving them both to understand that such questions, the meaning of which would be grasped only by the few, had better not be brought into public discussion; it was advisable to come to an agreement where the difference of opinion was not fundamental. A formal betrothal took place, and the beauty of the lyrics which Lili inspired leaves no room for doubt that here was a passion no less genuine than that for Friederike or Charlotte. There he wrote the poems inspired by Fanny (Mme Laurent Lecoulteux), including the exquisite Ode a Versailles, one of his freshest, noblest and most varied poems. 115. The wonderful luster imparted by candlelight to the rich mercury gilding has inspired the name " The Candlelight patterns " . In science and theology, mathematics and poetry, metaphysics and law, he is a competent and always a fair if not a profound critic. Throughout 2004, before thousands took to the streets in November and December to protest a stolen election, the phrase inspired a democratic youth organization, a website and a song. His knowledge, his sympathy, his enthusiasm soon made themselves felt everywhere; the ruridecanal conferences of clergy became a real force, and the church in Cornwall was inspired with a vitality that had never been possible when it was part of the unwieldy diocese of Exeter. But as Barclay did not inspire confidence his power was limited. CK 1 1095447 Tom certainly hasn't inspired me to want to become a teacher. Translations of the phrase HAVE INSPIRED from english to spanish and examples of the use of "HAVE INSPIRED" in a sentence with their translations: Oceans have inspired artists and engineers for centuries. Anwar inspired with his sincerity and conviction. It is difficult, indeed, to blame the burghers for resisting the dubious reforming efforts of Hermann of Wied, archbishop from 1515 to 1546, inspired mainly by secular ambitions; but the expulsion of the Jews in 1414, and still more the exclusion, under Jesuit influence, of Protestants from the right to acquire citizenship, and from the magistracy, dealt severe blows at the prosperity of the place. Inspired definition: aroused or guided by or as if aroused or guided by divine inspiration | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples Log In Dictionary During this sojourn in the wilderness Kruger stated that he had been especially favoured by God, who had communed with and inspired him. Other nations, indeed, had attempted the highest problems in religion; but Israel alone, in the providence of God, had succeeded, for Israel alone had been inspired. Philosophy, in the person of Hegel, classified religion in a threefold form: (a) the religion of Nature, (b) the religion of Spiritual Individuality, (c) the Absolute Religion (Christianity). A languor of motion and speech, resulting from weakness, gave her a distinguished air which inspired respect. Chenier, he said, had "inspired and determined" Romanticism. Macaulay's prediction that the interest in the man would supersede that in his "Works" seemed and seems likely enough to justify itself; but his theory that the man alone mattered and that a portrait painted by the hand of an inspired idiot was a true measure of the man has not worn better than the common run of literary propositions. 2. 81) his father took him to Rome, where he was educated under his father's friend, the poet and military commander, P. Pomponius Secundus; who inspired him with a lifelong love of learning. Villeroy inspired the regent with the idea of an armed expedition, accompanied by the little king, into the West. Some sixty years after its appearance it inspired Vuk Stefanovich Karajich with the vision of his true mission. She doubted it was pity that inspired his proposal. It was the ideas of Cluniac monks that freed the Church from feudal supremacy, and in the 11th century produced a Pope Gregory VII. 0. verb. What inspired you and Tom to write your own musical versions of these classic fairy tales? It cannot be sufficiently emphasized that revolution is in vain unless inspired by its ultimate ideal. CK 1 278186 The desire to fly in the sky like a bird inspired the invention of the … They do not represent the opinions of These examples have been automatically selected and may contain sensitive content. He entered the army at an early age, but in 1799 he took part in the republican movement at Naples inspired by the French Revolution; he fought against the Bourbon troops under Cardinal Ruffo, was captured and exiled to France. The bent of his own mind is manifest in his treatment of pure literature and of political speculation - which seems to be inspired with stronger personal interest and a higher sense of power than other parts of his work display. His tutor was Philippe Le Bas, son of the well-known member of the Convention and follower of Robespierre, an able man, imbued with the ideas of the Revolution, while Vieillard, who instructed him in the rudiments, was a democratic imperialist also inspired with the ideal of nationalism. In the resolution which was adopted on the 2nd of March the chamber," imbued with the ideas which presided over the foundation of the Congo State and inspired the Act of Berlin,"expressed its confidence in the proposals which the commission of reforms was elaborating, and decided" to proceed without delay to the examination of the projected law of the 7th of August 1901, on the government of Belgium's colonial possessions. Five days after his arrival in Ujiji he was inspired with new life by the timely arrival of H. Numerous other pamphlets appeared, inspired or controlled by Sarpi, who had received the further appointment of censor over all that should be written at Venice in defence of the republic. This is perhaps the faculty for ' inspired guesswork ' . 2 Another legend is that contained in the preface to theRegister or Black Book of the order, compiled in the reign of Henry VIII., by what authority supported is unknown, that Richard I., while his forces were employed against Cyprus and Acre, had been inspired through the instrumentality of St George with renewed courage and the means of animating his fatigued soldiers by the device of tying about the legs of a chosen number of knights a leathern thong or garter, to the end that being thereby reminded of the honour of their enterprise they might be encouraged to redoubled efforts for victory. Whether you’re looking for high-end labels or cheap, economy bulk purchases, we guarantee that it’s here on AliExpress. The various literatures of these nations were locked from view for more than two thousand years, while the literature of Israel had not merely been preserved, but had come to be regarded as inspired and sacred among all the cultured nations of the Western world. The gathering of this force inspired Hogarth's famous picture, the "March of the Guards to Finchley.". inspired by the likes of Muddy Waters, Little Walter, Howlin ' Wolf and also Wilson Pickett. The longing to arrive at the one explanation of all things, which had inspired the older philosophers, became less earnest; the belief, indeed, that any such explanation was attainable began to fail. However, the i spirit of that great legal classic seems to have in a measure dwelt with and inspired the inferior men who were recasting his work; the Institutes is better both in Latinity and in substance than we should have expected from the condition of Latin letters at that epoch, better than the other laws which emanate from Justinian. Dickinson wrote some very inspired poems. artless creature was inspired by a sort of gentle alarm for me. 192. Its touch on classical mythology is original, rarely imitative or pedantic. inspired sentence in English. Any attempt here to anticipate what the course of an idealism inspired by such a spirit of caution and comprehension is likely to be cannot but appear dogmatic. 505 B) to identify the form of good, without which nothing is good, with the gentlemanly thing (KaXov Kai ayaObv), without which any possession is worthless, he inspired into the author of the Eudemian Ethics the very limit (ipos) of good fortune and gentlemanliness with which it concludes, only without Plato's elevation of the good into the form of the good. Inspire definition is - to spur on : impel, motivate. The movie was inspired by real events. The treaty was based on the same principle of securing Holland against French aggression that had inspired that of Ryswick in 1698, by the terms of which the chief frontier fortresses of the Netherlands were to be garrisoned by Dutch troops. Thus gradually was formed the master of style - whose command of the instrument was supreme, and who played like an inspired poet. That a revolution largely inspired by generous and humane feeling should have issued in such havoc and such crimes is a paradox which astounded spectators and still perplexes the historian. He did not know Arakcheev personally, had never seen him, and all he had heard of him inspired him with but little respect for the man. The garrison of the Acropolis was hard pressed, and the death of Gouras (October 13th) would have ended all, had not his heroic wife taken over the command and inspired the defenders with new courage. that the Parthian king Phraates voluntarily restored the Roman prisoners and standards taken at Carrhae (53 B.C. 515. She has inspired me with her open-mindedness, her multi-lingual skills and her ability to blend seamlessly with different cultures. Works are extant in papyri and on temple walls, treating of geography, astronomy, ritual, myths, medicine, &c. It is probable that the native priests would have been ready to ascribe the authorship or inspiration, as well as the care and protection of all their books of sacred lore to Thoth, although there were a goddess of writing (Seshit), and the ancient deified scribes Imuthes and Amenophis, and later inspired doctors Petosiris, Nechepso, &c., to be reckoned with; there are indeed some definite traces of such an attribution extant in individual cases. All that we know of Burke exhibits him as inspired by a resolute pride, a certain stateliness and imperious elevation of mind. The courage and resourcefulness of their youthful leader inspired the people to make heroic sacrifices for their independ- of the ence, but unfortunately such was the revulsion of feeling against the grand pensionary, that he himself and his brother Cornelius were torn in pieces by an infuriated mob at the Hague (loth of August). a Bayona (Honest representation of the causes which inspired the journey of King Ferdinand VII. It honors those felines whose stories of courage, survival, fate and transformation have inspired the humans who love and care for them. The belief in the imminent collapse of the Ottoman dominion was weakened almost to extinction; so was the belief, which inspired the treaty cf 1856, in the capacity of Turkey to reform and develop itself on European lines. l5 Nevertheless we may well suppose that the popular religion of ancient Israel had much to say of superhuman beings other than Yahweh, but that the inspired writers have mostly suppressed references to them as unedifying. pride in Rome, for, though her earliest authors took the form and often the language of their writings from Greece, it was the greatness of Rome that inspired the best of them, and it was from the annals of Rome that their themes were taken. He must have begun this about the year 405, and by 399 he had brought the dialogue to its highest perfection, especially in the cycle directly inspired by the death of Socrates. It is inspired by an actual dead chipmunk in an actual place, tho the details have been radically altered. The financial situation inspired serious misgivings. | simple past tense and past participle of inspire. It was in vain that, on the death of Ladislaus, which took place unexpectedly (August 6, 1414), John was inspired with the idea of breaking his compact with Sigismund and returning to Rome, at the same time appealing to Louis of Anjou. He was inspired by the study of his great English contemporaries. Inspire sentence examples. Davy, inspired by his successful isolation of the metals sodium and potassium by the electrolysis of their hydrates, attempted to decompose a mixture of lime and mercuric oxide by the electric current; an amalgam of calcium was obtained, but the separation of the mercury was so difficult that even Davy himself was not sure as to whether he had obtained pure metallic calcium. He is the Christian emperor directly inspired by angels; his sword Joyeuse contained the point of the lance used in the Passion; his standard was Romaine, the banner of St Peter, which, as the oriflamme of Saint Denis, was later to be borne in battle before the kings of France; and in 1164 Charles was canonized at the desire of the emperor Frederick I. A second recipe is inspired by local Asian and vegetarian traditions. The Pomeranians, inspired by the declaration of the emperor Frederick III. Under all the inconsistencies of Talleyrand's career there lies an aim as steadily consistent as that which inspired his contemporary, Lafayette. 32. Myers claimed her as anima naturaliter Christiana and the inspired exponent of the religion of the future. 417. In 1781 Frederick William, then prince of Prussia, inclined, like many sensual natures, to mysticism, had joined the Rosicrucians, and had fallen under the influence of Johann Christof Wollner (1732-1800), and by him the royal policy was inspired. a long plaited lock (or later a lappet) on the side of their head in imitation of the youthful Horus, and the peculiar tonsure adopted by the later Arabs of Sinai was inspired by the desire to copy their god Orotal-Dionysus.'. C. THE Renaissance Accordingly what is in one sense the revival of classical learning is in another a recourse to what inspired that learning, and so is a new beginning. The fanaticism with which the Mandi had inspired his followers remained almost unbroken to the end. It is, indeed, impossible to say what motives of personal chagrin, of love of detraction, of the mere literary passion for effective writing, may have contributed to the indignation which inspired his verse.

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