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oyster bar menu palace station

My man ordered the Palace pan roast with shrimp, crab, chicken, and andouille sausage. Super creamy and lots of seafood. Over here I go their signature dish here, " the palace pan roast". Took us a bit of walking to actually find it amongst the gamblers and machines but once there you can't miss it. We dined at the Oyster Bar at Palace Station a bit ago. The line to this place does not lie.. their food is awesome and super fresh. Both of us wished we ordered them spicier as level 5 wasn't enough. The palace pan roast was exceptionally creamy and the flavor was perfectly spiced and seasoned. The Palace Pan Roast has both the same, + chicken and andouille sausage. But when is a good time to go? TEMPORARILY CLOSED The oldest restaurant in Grand Central, this landmark has one of the largest and freshest seafood menus including in the city. Little Tony’s. I can't even describe how good the food was! There is a rich, full, passionate flavor here that you just don't come across very often. No big deal, they were just as good as the entrees.After finishing the meal the girl brought us a receipt of our tab. It's a shame because the product was really good. I also have yet to explore their other dishes, so I just might tough it out next time to get my fix when I'm back. There is usually one cook behind the "bar" and one additional server. Me and my husband decided to randomly stop by since we were in the area, thankfully we didn't make a night of it like we had intended to or else we would have been even more disappointing. However, in this situation it is a bad thing. This is the spot if you love seafood  #Bongsworld. PAN ROAST IS A MUST!! Mind you I never raised my voice, never created a scene or spoke to this girl in any hostile way.After speaking with security for another 45 minutes, the hotel manager came over and apologized for her mix up. They gave the right portion of rice for each dish. But should I really knock off a star to a place that has amazing food? I'm telling you, this place is so good I can see why people wait in line for two hours just to eat there. Each pan roast comes with choice of rice or noodles so I tried both on the side - noodles were rather interesting and I actually enjoyed it more than the rice with my pan roast :) Can't go wrong with either. The jambalaya was not as creamy because it's jambalaya but it was just as good and perfectly spiced. They understand how long we have to wait and made sure our wait while at the bar was not long at all. Before this trip, I hadn't had Oyster Bar in probably 2 years. We were recommended the "The "Bouill Roast," a combo of the Pan Roast and Bouillabaisse. My boyfriend had the pan roast and we split a shrimp cocktail. We also go the jambalaya which was good but definitely not necessary as the pan roast comes with side of white rice. That too was tasty.This place is consistent and always has some delicious and fresh and  tasting food. All those people in line would riot. I can never come to Las Vegas and stop by to eat here. They don't look like much at first glance, but they are worth it, full of love and flavor! Would I come back? The gentleman she was speaking to had no problem moving down the line to the right to sit in the correct seat. This place is a hidden foodie gem. My first time here and we went around 10:30pm on a Thursday night and had to wait about an hour. The juice that it was cooked and marinated in was bowl licking clean delicious! Palace Station Hours. Service was amazing. We had The Oysters Rockefeller and Shrimp Caesar salad, it seems a lot of locals say they are the best in town. I ordered the combo pan roast which comes with shrimp, crab, and lobster. The oysters were a bit disappointing. It didn't take away any of the flavors of the pan roast either. And of course, the roast was exactly as advertised. Nice big oysters with good flavor The palace pan roast is very delightful, rich sauce, good amount of meats, good portion and comes with rice and all of it will leave you full for awhile. The Oyster Bar is located inside the Palace Station. I really wanted to order off of the pan roast section after looking at the gentleman next to me, but I didn't ask.I don't think I'll try it again though, but it was a fun experience. Be prepared to wait in line, it is a small setup in the middle of the casino and can seat about 10 to 12 people. Seating is super limited for sure!The staff is super friendly. Get half New England and half Manhattan. I love coming here, and would i recommend it to friends? It is at best a motel 6 type of room. I would not recommend the Courtyard room. Yes, it was incredible. The lobster was my favorite, so tender, yet still had a bounce to it. The casino might gain a little by folks playing while waiting. I'm curious on how "We Dare You," level of heat will affect your taste buds and tongue! But it was worth it the food was great really flavorful. -Alaskan clam chowder has the perfect thickness and the flavor is delicious! We shared the oysters on the half shell and I had the Palace Pan Roast. The sauce was a perfect white creamy sauce. I bookmarked this place over 4 years ago when I discovered yelp!Not sure why it took me so long to finally get here and see what all the hype is about? read more. First time here and this was one of the best meals I have ever had in my life. Always road tripping, ready for a new meal! Overall good experience. As we were closer to being seated, the line was very long. Brass Fork Kitchen and Bar offers a creative playful twist on the traditional café experience by serving up a full array of classic comfort foods at a great value. The line runs right in the middle of some of the slot machines but all you can do is watch other people play because you have to hold your place in line. Palace Station . Price is decent. The Oyster Bar at Palace Station was one of those great suggestions. The Oyster Bar. with lots of seafood -My favorite thing is the boulli-roast which is basically half and half of both stews. very small bar with about 14/15 seats. “And make sure to go at off-peak hours,” they added. The chicken was tender, the seafood was cooked nicely. I said I would try to keep this review as straightforward as possible, but when the food is this amazing, it's really hard not to get into details. We ordered the top 5 most popular dishes. Seriously calling security over what?So we sat down and waited  for them to get to us for our order. Literally or others will get ahead of you in line lol. First, The Oyster Bar... IS actually a restaurant not just a food bar. This place is a hidden foodie gem. Not too fresh tasting. If I was in need of warm comfort food-yes. Ugh that line doeeee. Again I just wanted to try something new. I rather eat this pan roast for breakfast then eggs and bacon. For all the hype, we weren’t too impressed. I would highly recommend to go during to off meal times (definitely not during lunch or dinner). I know that some days we have good days and bad days, however it is never appropriate to speak to paying customers the way she treated me and my guest. There's usually a wait and limited seating. Order takeout to be safe. They cook right in front of you so it's pretty nice to see it while waiting. So best to drive if you have a car. The pan roast is out of this world. Had never heard of this place but my friend had.. The pan roast is a must in Vegas. The servings are huge and more than enough to share with someone. Seeing the pictures of food on this place didn't excite me and the last time I was in Vegas I decided to skip it but this time around since we had time, we decided to chance it even though the line might be long. When she was finally complete with running the other tabs, she looked at me and in a sarcastic tone says I need cash or a card to complete your order. The oysters were great. very small bar with about 14/15 seats. Menu may not be up to date. We were there over the weekend and went there twice! Given the recommendation, it was out of this world and delicious!!! spicy tuna, shrimp tempura, cucumber, unagi, avocado, … I looked it over and everything was correct and patiently waited for her to return to discuss payment. You can taste the brandy they use to cook this dish. I heard it's extra fiery. I never usually say this either but ITS WORTH THE WAIT. Oyster Bar at the Palace Station in Las Vegas is a must visit when you're in town. Don't walk, run to the Oyster Bar! Very similar to the cioppino you can get in San Fran but this is a lot creamier. We can't wait to come back here soon. Dude. Everything is cooked by one man and in front of all the guests. Picture of the dish and chef Eze. Is it worth 2 hours of waiting time... the jury is still out on that one because the food there is really good and I'm so going back to try other things on the menu. We waited for about 15 minutes in line. Both the white and red chowder had very unique flavors but both very good.Would highly recommend this place as the food is always good, staff is friendly and helpful and portions are big for the price which is a good deal. It is a must try item especially as this is what they are known for.The gumbo is extremely good, filling. But if you are sharing, make sure you two can decide on a level of spiciness that you want your meal to be. The expert chefs at Station Casinos offer the following menus across four steakhouses in Las Vegas from … read more. You could see these mighty, jumbo shrimp and giant oysters popping out. We ordered the palace pan roast, mussels, and of course half shell oysters. This is the famous pan roast where no matter what time of the day you eat it, it'll taste like dinner any time. Italian | $$ As there were over 250 of us there for a reunion and had been staying there for 4 days. Service was really good and the waiter/waitress were very attentive too.Tip: If you like your food with a kick, definitely up the spice level. Oysters were fresh, delicious and HUGE.Shrimp cocktail is a classic must.The soups you CANNOT miss out - we got the Alaskan chowder "dirty style" which is a half and half. I mixed it with the pan roast and thought it was greatIt literally is a group of organized men. The portion was a good size and mixed with rice will leave you very full for a long time. We were seated right away! Located inside the Palace Station. The pan roast has tons of bold Cajun flavors accompanied by huge chunks of shrimp lobster and crab! Good up there with Dukes Chowder house. We were greeted with bread and our order of drinks. The clam chowder was simple, but that was what I liked about it. So good and the bread was so garlicy and buttery. I also ordered the combo seafood appetizer but that was mostly for the lady. I do NOT give out 5 star reviews easily. Open 24/7, seven days a week, this is proudly one of the must-try dining destinations in Las Vegas. It's worth it people! Submit corrections. And they were all good. We came here every night while we were in town. We had the Palace pan roast which is a creamy tomato stew with lots of shrimp, crab,lobsters and andouille sausage (local favorite). Delicious. Other things that I had here that were amazing were their oysters, New England clam chowder, and the Palace pan roast, all served with a side of sourdough bread (keep them coming because they're free!). And the flavor, again not overtly salty, and just so good. What sucked was how although you should never rush eating, but when you're done eating, people should be considerate enough to leave, knowing how long we waited and how long they had to wait to be seated. If there is a line - I think it's well worth it if the wait is only an hour or less. It's 2 AM, there's about 10 people ahead of us and a full bar. The rooms have been renovated and are fairly nice. For paying the same price, go for the Cajun bbq!Combo Pan Roast ($24.99) ... it's like a thick seafood stew, tomato base, with shrimp, crab and lobster.Bouillabaisse ($25.99) shellfish stew with shrimp, crab, lobster, cod, mussels and clams. But glad I did!The stars aligned for my first visit! Take reservations, limit the sit-down time, allow for takeout. She belittled him and was flat out snappy and rude about sitting in the wrong seat. Many of us at the reunion have the same name.....(long story). We started off each night with a dozen oysters. Each were a tad bit pricey, however the Combo comes with shrimp, crab and lobster! I don't play the waiting game anymore, but the fact that I'd fight off my drunken fatigue and drowsiness just to get a bowl of pan roast from Oyster Bar speaks volumes. -Oysters are shucked fresh right in front of you and its delicious, can be a bit sweeter but not sure where they are getting them. The shrimp was super fresh and cooked perfectly. On a recent visit to Vegas my boyfriend insisted we give this place a try. Starbucks. The dishes are so good at The Oyster Bar at Palace Station that people wait up to an hour for one of the 18 seats at the live-action bar. The chef is awesome. But the chef was nice, the people are patient, and the food was great. We were reluctant to eat seafood for breakfast but why not. Still, it pains me to leave Vegas when I don't stop by here.However, during our most recent trip there wasn't a wait for once! Seafood | $$ Palace Station . Their special here is the pan roast. Believe me when I say it's worth it. At first it doesn't look like much but it's filling and very flavorful. It's absolutely amazing. So many huge pieces of seafood in it!!! Whether you’re in the mood for fresh Mediterranean bass, hearty pan roast, or spicy gumbo—belly up to our Las Vegas Oyster Bar for made-to-order favorites that are sure to satisfy your every fresh-catch craving. nice and fresh with delicious cocktail sauce. Loved everything and understand why this place is so popular. If the review was based off of food alone this would be 5 out of 5. I don't know if I would come back again because we waited for about 2 hours and no food is worth waiting that long. The line for the oyster bar starts at the entrance of Charcoal Room and often stretches to Hoover Dam. I ordered the Caesar Salad with Lump Shrimp for $16.99. An award-winning, 24-hour oyster bar offering mouth-watering seafood selections. The portions are generous therefore most will have leftovers!! This will give you the exact flavor profile for the Pan Roast you had at the Palace Station Oyster Bar in Las Vegas. Although the wait is long it's worth the wait. Bon appetit! I never usually say this either but ITS WORTH THE WAIT. Have been wanting to come here for years and this trip we finally made it. The food is so good and it's obviously very popular. I ate all the shrimp cocktail from it.If you're wondering whether or not this place is worth a try then my answer is yes, try the damn place. It's open 24 hours, I wonder if they'll have a line at like 2am... you can get to Palace via uber, but trying to hail one back took us 30 minutes. Something really has to blow me away to give a fiver out. read more. Trainwreck Roll. With this wait and over 2000 reviews we must order absolutely everything. Part way through finishing our entrees, we finally received our shrimp cocktails. Next time!We also tried a shrimp cocktail that delivered fresh and juicy shrimp with extra spicy horseradish! I bookmarked this place over 4 years ago when I discovered yelp!Not sure why it took me so long to finally get here and see what all the hype is about? The difference between the pan roast and the bouillabaisse is that the roast has all the seafood mixed into the stew whereas the seafood in the bouillabaisse were in big pieces... the clams where still in their shells. Bon Appetit! The only reason why I'm giving them 3 stars is because the last 2 dishes were slightly saltier than I was use too, but that's my fault. A kitchen and bar space serving up mouthwatering plates for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. So glad we did as this is some of the best food in vegas. Every time I come to Vegas I stop in at the Oyster Bar at Palace Station for the Palace Pan Roast. Heads up: From now on, other Yelpers will be able to see how you voted. Voted one of the top 6 oyster bars in america by, at Palace Station's Oyster Bar, you'll enjoy fresh gumbos, pan roasts, chowders and more. The seats are not 6 feet apart from each other and for that reason, I'm deducting a star. The oyster bar is a Vegas staple and they're doing a great job of safely serving guests during COVID. When it comes to incredible value dining in Las Vegas, Palace Station is the place to be. Once we got seated, the whole ordering and cooking process was quick. We fell in love with their foods once we had at The Oyster Bar at Palace station back in 2016 when we visited Las Vegas from San Diego. The "combo pan roast" is a must order. This style of food is one I have never tried before. My mans boss was in town for CES and suggested this place as he always stops by so we came over at 5pm on a Wednesday. After trying the Oyster bar at palace station I can honestly say I will never eat pan roast anywhere else or even bother. Chef Eze was our chef at the moment. If it has been 6 months or longer since my last visit- yes. The wait might deter some people, but I assure you, once you taste the Palace Pan Roast (my recommendation), you'll know it was all worth it. There's about 20 seats and the wait is approximately 1.5 -2 hours. Hands down better than Palace Station. The creamy tomato stew is great any time of the year!We have ordered the Combo Pan roast with shrimp, crab and lobster. The shrimp were jumbo. An award-winning, 24-hour oyster bar offering mouth-watering seafood selections . Free sourdough bread too. And portion for the bowl is big enough that's for the jambalaya it self. You will thank me later. As for me, I prefer the smaller kind like kumamotos.1 dozen of clams ($18.99)... must try, super sweet 1/2 dozen Cajun bbq shrimp ($12.99)... this was the best shrimp dish that I have ever had anywhere. The oh so famous pan roast of Las Vegas!! If I was craving it that day-yes. Open 24 hours, you must be at least 21 years of age to sit at the bar, incomplete parties will not be seated, and you must be seated to place orders to-go. Boathouse Rolls. -I usually order lump crab/ shrimp cocktail. I can handle spicy but my husband doesn't enjoy it so we usually go for the medium spice (level 5). instead of looking again like I asked she spouted off to me that she wasn't going to look again and that I needed to pay in some other payment. So you have to stand in line forever(wasn't very happy about the wait) but once I sat at the counter to watch EZ cook man it was delicious.. chasu, egg, bamboo, bean sprout, woodear mushroom. Also tried the shrimp cocktail & oysters and they were fresh and tasty. It takes a while for them to cleanup which is why the wait is so long. This bar is inside the Palace Station Casino located on the other side of the freeway from the strip. All of this matched with an award-winning wine list featuring 80 selections by the glass. I was expecting a very long wait after reading a few reviews but if you come here before and after lunch/dinner rushes you'll have a much better chance at not waiting for hours. I haven't found a good seafood place in Denver, so it's safe to say that Oyster Bar swept me off my feet. I was so excited to try this place based on the amount of positive reviews this place has but my excitement quickly disappeared. It is definitely worth the wait. Super detailed and beautiful. It's not exactly on the way, nor on the strip, but I would, if only during a time that was one hour or less! Play some slots and have a cocktail while you wait and thank me later. OK, I believe in the hype. My girlfriend and I have had it a handful of times now, which is why we don't wait anymore. Shrimp cocktail ($12.99) ... honestly, after the clams and Cajun bbq shrimp, the shrimp cocktail was a little boring. Bloody Mary's and oysters on the half shell but even if you don't like either of those the Alaskan chowder and the palace pan roast are always my go tos. The cherry stone clams were good, except they didn't cut it clean and hard to take off the shell, but still tasty! One of the best meals I had while in Vegas. We ordered an appetizer of shrimp cocktails and each ordered a bowl of soup and an entree.We were served our soups and then our entrees and started to eat them. The Oyster Bar at Palace. Definitely will come back because it worths the wait. I then asked her to call a manager to look it up as I had been charging to my room the last 3 days and just hours earlier we had been charging at the bar.Next thing I know I have security tapping me on the shoulder asking me to come with them. My mans boss was in town for CES and suggested this place as he always stops by so we came over at 5pm on a Wednesday. Seriously so delicious, and I walked away from this first-time experience full and 100% satisfied!!! The Oyster Bar; Starbucks; Tailgate Social ... A new casual dining experience has arrived at Palace Station. After an hour of waiting, we were finally seated. Then pay for their dinner. Their pan roasts are made to order and you can see them cook your dish right in front of you. Clam chowder is so good. Even though the line is long ASF, it's like any oyster bar. Chowder was rich and creamy. The mussels were an absolute must. The oyster bar is a literal bar located in Palace station. We were seated right away! Win-win situation. choice of: Tonkotsu, Shoyu - or - miso broth. She went to the terminal and came back and said you are not listed I cannot charge the room you are asking. Heads up: From now on, other Yelpers will be able to see how you voted. This is now a highly recommended place to my friends that go to Vegas although a little part of me doesn't want too many people to know about it since the Oyster Bar only has a few seats and the lines can get pretty darn long. Spice level seven the reddish orange roux was seasoned to perfection. Was it worth the wait? Here we are at the famous Las Vegas Oyster Bar Palace Station, one of the top 10 restaurants for tourists. I want to go back to try the shrimp cocktail & bbq shrimp.. But even if you don't care to stay here, come to the Oyster Bar for one of your meals. If I'm being invited to go- yes. read more. The LEGENDARY line at the Palace Station—Oyster Bar. When in Vegas I will be going back.. My only suggestion is to have it at a regular restaurant instead of at a bar so everyone can sit down.. 5 stars for the food quality and outstanding service. This is our new go to place when in vegas. I will always make time Most of the time there is always a wait (unless it is at 4am on a Monday Morning: from experience lol) This spot isn't even a restaurant, it is literally a 13 seat bar inside the Palace Station hotel in Las Vegas. I then gave her my Id, players card and my room number. Made me respect him a lot for the amount of orders he had and the traffic. My man ordered the Palace pan roast with shrimp, crab, chicken, and andouille sausage. I got the Combo Pan Roast and Palace Pan Roast. Christmas Day Menu at Boulder Station’s Broiler Room, Palace Station’s Charcoal Room, Santa Fe’s Charcoal Room, and Sunset Station’s Charcoal Room. Beer was ice cold, food was dumb good, service was awesome. I don't know why they don't just expand the place. I love the fact that they cook your special pot of deliciousness right in front of you and just for you! The taste, quality, freshness, and portions have stayed consistent throughout the years.My go to is their Palace Pan Roast and add lobster for $8. The Oyster Bar at Palace Station An award-winning, 24-hour oyster bar offering mouth-watering seafood selections Please stop by the Hostess on Duty to add your name to the list for dining. We tried their chowder last time as well. If you can manage the unpredictable wait do yourself a favor a check it out! Will return again next time I go to Vegas again... and the next time, and then next time, and so on. Specialties: Voted one of the top 6 oyster bars in america by, at Palace Station's Oyster Bar, you'll enjoy fresh gumbos, pan roasts, chowders and more. HANG IN THERE!! The Oyster Bar at Palace. So many huge pieces of seafood in it!!! The Oyster Bar. It comes w rice so it was a great pair. At least knowing what to expect, hubs and I  grabbed a burger from Shake Shack to share, and then made the trek over.We thought being kind of a weird hour (1pm), we'd at least get a little lucky, but we waited about an hour and a half.

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