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sentence with exposure

Study of the uncertainty in estimation of the exposure of non-human biota to ionizing radiation. On the 30th of August, however, he stated that this had been discovered to be a forgery by Colonel Henry, but he refused to concur with his colleagues in a revision of the Dreyfus prosecution, which was the logical outcome of his own exposure of the forgery. 12 5 She rolled onto her back, unaware of how exposed she was. Secondly, they introduce some Principles of Good Practice that must be applied if control of exposure is to be deemed adequate. Lower risk of liability The entire food chain suffers from consumers ' exposure to hazards. Studies that wish to estimate associations between disease risk and usual exposure levels need to take regression dilution effects into account. disclosure requirement is the only change proposed by the exposure draft. Two climbers were brought in suffering from exposure: 12. An essential question to be asked of these patients is to their exposure to op sheep dips. Cyanogen compounds of chromium, analogous to those of iron, have been prepared; thus potassium chromocyanide, K 4 Cr(CN) 6.2H 2 0, is formed from potassium cyanide and chromous acetate; on exposure to air it is converted into the chromicyanide, K 3 Cr(CN) 6, which can also be prepared by adding chromic acetate solution to boiling potassium cyanide solution. Recently prepared fibre is always stronger, more lustrous, softer and whiter than such as has been stored for some time - age and exposure rendering it brown in colour and harsh and brittle in quality. Disease comes from exposure to various nasty micro- organisms, and from genetic infirmities. In gamma-ray astronomy, exposure is even more crucial than usual. With ferric salts its solution gives a deep blue colour, and with ferrous salts, after exposure to the air, an insoluble, blue-black, ferroso-ferric gallate. There is convincing evidence of a link between, 13. When the cocoons have been gathered the chrysalides they contain are killed either by dry heat or by exposure to steam. Two climbers were brought in suffering from, 16. Staff continued to monitor the loss of sand and exposure of prehistoric peat deposits on the Gower beaches. 5. In Exposure, Wilfred Owen looks at the horrors of warfare. It is a black amorphous powder soluble in concentrated sulphuric and hydrochloric acids, and when in the moist state readily oxidizes on exposure. When you are outside for too long in the winter and get sick, this is an example of exposure. It melts at 427°, and darkens on exposure to air. Recommend lifestyle measures: Keep whole body warm; avoid exposure to cold; consider using portable heating aids in cold weather. The insects are carefully brushed from the branches of the cactus into bags, and are then killed by immersion in hot water, or by exposure to the sun, steam, or the heat of an oven - much of the variety of appearance in the commercial article being caused by the mode of treatment. Though fusible at a very low temperature, and very soft, it has great power of resisting decay from damp or exposure. The only fossils of the clay are radiolaria, sharks' teeth and the ear-bones of whales, precisely those parts of the skeleton of marine creatures which are hardest and can longest survive exposure to sea-water. SYMPTOMS OF HEARING DAMAGE Hearing damage from excessive noise exposure is not always permanent. Examples of exposure to in a sentence: 1. It slowly decomposes on exposure or on heating. On exposure to the atmosphere, oils and fats gradually undergo certain changes. Auric oxide, Au203, is a brown powder, decomposed into its elements when heated to about 250° or on exposure to light. Others, as the asters, spread rapidly; those possessing this habit should be taken up every second or third year, and, a nice patch being selected for replanting from the outer portions, the rest may be either thrown aside, or reserved for increase; the portion selected for replanting should be returned to its place, the ground having meanwhile been well broken up. Any kind of sun exposure is potentially harmful for the skin. In the older districts there is a countless variety of narrow gloomy streets, many of them steep. Exposure in the conical boiler is direct on its inner surface, and is supplemented by flues. light meterhe difference between incident and reflected light exposure meters. Harry Barnes has been asking questions relating to the effects of exposure to the chemical vinyl chloride monomer. Ferrous salts also give a bluish white precipitate with ferrocyanide, which on exposure turns to a dark blue; ferric salts are characterized by the intense purple coloration with a thiocyanate. The meaning of "Exposure" in various phrases and sentences. Fluorine in drinking water Drinking water can also be a significant source of exposure to fluorine in drinking water Drinking water can also be a significant source of exposure to fluorine. The oldest existiog work of this period is a mural decoration in the hail of the temple of Horyu-ji, Nara, attributed to a Korean priest named Donchfl, who lived in Japan in the 6th century; and this painting, in spite of the destructive effects of time and exposure, shows traces of the same power of line, color and composition that stamps the best of the later examples of Buddhist art. 3. In December 1854, after a fatiguing address to a public meeting, followed by prolonged exposure to a south-east gale, his constitution entirely broke down. It resembles the Sao Francisco region in its uncertain rainfall and exposure to droughts, and in having large areas of campos suitable for grazing purposes. Results suggested a possible impact on root and physiological parameters and exposure resulted in lower N utilization. For on the one hand knowledge of the fact that nitrite of amyl lessens blood pressure has led to the successful employment of other nitrites and bodies having a similar action, and on the other the knowledge that increased blood pressure tends to cause anginal pain leads to the prohibition of any strain, any food, any exposure to cold, and also of any medicines which would unduly raise the blood pressure. Lung function changes associated with chronic exposure to photochemical oxidants: a cohort study among never smokers. In 1993, North Carolina amended its indecent expos Their upper bodies were tanned from exposure to the sun, their dark hair and eyes pinned on her. In the case of severe exposure vaccination is often accompanied by injection of rabies immunoglobulin (IG ). It turns brown-red on exposure to air, and is inflammable. interspecific differences in height growth occurred at the medium crown exposure classes. The basic definition. It forms a golden yellow crystalline mass, which sublimes slowly in vacuo, and melts at 25.5° C. It blackens on exposure to moisture, and decomposes when exposed to light. Susan was charged with indecent exposure. Dimethylfulven is an orangecoloured oil which oxidizes rapidly on exposure. Another word for exposure. First, we are the largest gold miner in Venezuela, which means we get exposure to prime opportunities. By evaporating in vacuo the solution obtained by dissolving iron in hydrochloric acid, there results bluish, monoclinic crystals of FeCl24H20, which deliquesce, turning greenish, on exposure to air, and effloresce in a desiccator. Likewise you can expose information about someone. Acute exposure by inhalation has resulted in optic neuropathy and hepatitis. The sovereign, Phra Paramendr Maha Mongkut, was a very accomplished man, an enlightened reformer and devoted to science; his death, indeed, was caused by fatigue and exposure while observing an eclipse. The exposure from Girls surely will be salutary by getting OCD the disease out in the open. The letters bearing the name of Phalaris (148 in number) are now chiefly remembered for the crushing exposure they received at the hands of Richard Bentley in his controversy with the Hon. He was ordered to winter on the coast of Istria, where his crews suffered from exposure and disease. The white breeds are liable to sun-scald, and black pigs (like black men) are much better adapted than white to exposure in strong sunlight, conforming to the rule that animals in the tropics have black skins. I'd lived so clement an existence that the sum total of my exposure to mayhem came from the soft cushioned sofa fronting a wide screen television. Moreover, even after making allowance for lack of experience as to the effect of the new product, drunkenness and exposure hardly tally with the statement that "Noah was a just man and perfect in his generations, and Noah walked with God," vi. Leith Hill and Hindhead are parts of this edge in the west, where the exposure is widest. i., followed by (2) a warning not to worship according to the Greeks, with an exposure of various forms of idolatry; (3) a warning not to worship according to the Jews - although they alone think they know the true God - for they worship angels and are superstitious about moons and sabbaths, and feasts, comp. He had lost his seat for Bristol two years before, in consequence of his courageous advocacy of a measure of tolerance for the Catholics, and his still more courageous exposure of the enormities of the commercial policy of England towards Ireland. Blue, red, and a golden yellow, all somewhat faded through lapse of time and exposure, are the colours chiefly employed. New Lords ruling could put asbestos claims at risk Workers who develop cancer from asbestos exposure will have to fight harder to prove liability. dioxin exposure: A 20-year mortality study. It was found that labour and exposure were not good for half-starved men. She suffered a massive exposure to toxic chemicals. Example sentences for: exposure How can you use “exposure” in a sentence? The exposure of these facts turned the whole thing into ridicule, and gave parliament an excuse for postponing measures of organic reform which might otherwise have been brought forward. It had a remarkable record in the exposure of shams and organized impostures, especially frauds on the charitable. Exposure to lead is known to damage the brains of young children. Exposure to desiccation. allergen exposure: health aspects of indoor air: Berzelius Symposium XXVIII. More recent experiments have shown that even ten hours' exposure to the temperature of liquid hydrogen - 252° C. (21° on the absolute scale) failed to kill them. instrument of the same type subsequently mounted at Paris, and in like instruments of intermediate size mounted at other French observatories, the object-glass is placed outside the mirror N, so that both the silvered mirrors are protected from exposure to the outer air. Interest in prophylactic oophorectomy may fluctuate based on varying exposure to cues that trigger anxiety. See more. Two climbers were brought in suffering from exposure. They are colourless crystalline solids which turn brown on exposure. The weaker ones were found to be more dependent than the stronger ones on frequency of exposure, and this had facilitated the acquisition of some 1000 words. Its viscid character, and its non-liability to dry and harden by exposure to air, also fit it for various other uses, such as lubrication, &c., whilst its peculiar physical characters, enabling it to blend with either aqueous or oily matters under certain circumstances, render it a useful ingredient in a large number of products of varied kinds. The boiling juice is run down into subsiding tanks, where it cools, and at the same time the albumen, which has been suddenly coagulated by momentary exposure to high temperature, falls to the bottom of the tank, carrying with it the vegetable and other matters which were in suspension in the juice. The relative humidity of the air along the shores of the Gulf is high, so that exposure to the direct and reflected rays of the sun and radiation from the hot soil are encountered in a moist atmosphere. After two hours' exposure, it is wrapped round a frame supported in a given position relative to Elster and Geitel's dissipation apparatus, and the loss of charge is noted. But to get that exposure, the sponsorship must be there. The simple distillation of sea-water, and the production thereby of a certain proportion of chemically fresh water, is a very simple problem; but it is found that water which is merely evaporated and recondensed has a very disagreeable flat taste, and it is only after long exposure to pure atmospheric air, with continued agitation, or repeated pouring from one vessel to another, that it becomes sufficiently aerated to lose its unpleasant taste and smell and become drinkable. He introduced the first bill for giving small tracts of government land free to actual settlers, and published an exposure of abuses in the allowance of mileage to members, which corrected the evil, but brought him much personal obloquy. Owing to the anarchy which prevailed during the 10th, 11th and 12th centuries, facilities of communication disappeared almost entirely, even for men of rank a long journey involved danger of starvation or fatal exposure, and the pains and perils of travel became a household word among the people. It is extremely unstable, decomposing with extreme violence on the slightest shock or disturbance, or on exposure to sunlight. The Fund's exposure to index-linked and fixed coupon gilts was reduced by the same amount. The ninth has no allusion to determine its date, but it is written with the same outspoken freedom as the second and the sixth, and belongs to the period when the poet's power was most vigorous, and his exposure of vice most uncompromising. CM3045777I would prefer a … An exposure of a very few hours duration is sufficient to cause death to these animals. Methods of assessing risk to health from exposure to hazards released from waste landfills. The scenarios have also been interpreted in terms of a ' blame matrix ' for human exposure to secondary particulates. This exposure limit will not be reached during the simple use of beryllium metal or Beryllium oxide ceramics. He threatened the council member with public. Such are the general causes of the errors that infest the human mind; by their exposure the way is cleared for the introduction of the new method. Document Back to previous page Are natural dietary constituents limiting for protection against light exposure? Manual exposure is provided for D - SLR's using a Sea and Sea Nikonos type sync cord. The "D" form is mostly adopted owing to its power of retaining its shape after long exposure to heat, and the large amount of heating surface it presents at its base. His last film got so much exposure in the press. A number of officers, as well as of men in civil life, were mixed up in the plot, while the methods employed were the lowest forms of anonymous slander; but at the first breath of exposure every one concerned hurried to cover up his part in it, leaving Conway to shoulder both the responsibility and the disgrace. chisel when first quarried but exposure to the wind soon hardens it. is a online sentence dictionary, on which you can find nice sentences for a large number of words. 13. In warm-blooded animals, such as birds and mammals, protective mechanisms for the regulation of temperature enable them to endure exposure to extreme heat or cold, but in such cases the actually living cells do not appreciably rise or fall in temperature. It is to the different characters of the stations they occupy with respect to exposure, moisture, &c., that the variability observed in many types of lichens is to be attributed. It crystallizes in large transparent cubes, but rapidly dissociates into its constituents on exposure. Villers's work on the Reformation, an unsparing exposure of the alleged vices of the papal system. Exposure in a public place. Foreign currency We have no significant foreign currency exposure. In 1527 he sailed from Cuba with about 600 men (soon reduced to less than 400), landed (early in 1528) probably at the present site of Pensacola, and for six months remained in the country, he and his men suffering terribly from exposure, hunger and fierce Indian attacks. Exposure to UVB increases the risk of basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma, two forms of non-melanoma skin cancer. A saturated solution of the hydroxide deposits on cooling a hydrated form Ba(OH) 2.8H 2 0, as colourless quadratic prisms, which on exposure to air lose seven molecules of water of crystallization. tile hanging or weather boarding. I'm not saying exposure to a unique power load might not somehow intensify his imagination and perhaps cause heightened awareness; I'm simply stating there isn't some time machine or magical forest upstairs. You tell Sier: Try it and I'll get you arrested for indecent exposure, mass panic, and traumatizing innocent people. A native plaster is yielded by the Arikaree and Ogallala rocks, but though otherwise of excellent qualities it is ruined by slight exposure to the water. This solution is of a deep violetred colour, and is somewhat fluorescent; it decomposes on exposure to light, or when heated. His Essai sur la societe des gens de lettres avec les grands was a worthy vindication of the independence of literary men, and a thorough exposure of the evils of the system of patronage. This worked well and gave me an exposure of about half a second, But the release was still a shade too jerky. This solution possesses reducing properties,and gradually oxidizes to sulphuric acid on exposure. noise exposure, your employer must; What do I have to do? McPhee dismissed one count of indecent exposure to a person under 16 due to insufficient evidence and ordered a conditional stay on the second count of exposure for a sexual purpose, in wake of the conviction on the third count of indecent exposure in a public place. For example, if a person jumps into a swimming pool and the force of the water on the bathing suit causes an accidental and unintended exposure, this requirement would not be satisfied. It oxidizes on exposure to air to the pentoxide, and with a brilliant inflammation when thrown into oxygen at 50 0 _60°. water-tight to begin with, the alternate immersion and exposure to air and sunshine promotes expansion and contraction, and induces rapid disintegration, leakage and decay. fatal anaphylaxis followed aprotinin exposure in a local application of fibrin glue [22] . If you are convicted of a second offense for indecent exposure or have a prior conviction for lewd acts with a minor under California Penal Code section 288, the offense can be charged as a felony. Cocoa skin, soulful dark eyes, exotic features, and brilliant tattoos over his exposed, muscular arms. It is, however, most liable to absorb moisture upon subsequent exposure. It forms colourless, monoclinic prisms, which turn brown on exposure to air. On exposure to meteoric influences pyrites commonly becomes brown, by formation of ferric hydrate or limonite, whence the change is called "limonitization.". The houses are mostly five or six storeys high, are covered with stucco made of a kind of pozzolana which hardens by exposure, and have large balconies and flat roofs. The conditions requisite for the growth, development and reproduction of plants are, in general terms, exposure, at the proper time, to suitable amounts of light, heat and moisture, and a due supply of appropriate food. 6. For the exposure compensation setting, I have found that +0.5 to +1 stops seems to work best for my set-up. Over the last twenty years, several studies have reported that RF exposure may produce changes in cellular calcium homeostasis. 16 sentence examples: 1. Cow's milk exposure and type I diabetes mellitus. Penal codes depended rather upon shorter and more cruel methods; the scaffold was in constant use, with all manner of physical pain, torture before and after sentence, shameful exposure, hideous mutilation, exile, selling into bondage as slaves. Increasingly investors are ending up with more exposure to residential property because of commercial property players' growing penchant for mixed-use schemes. Strips of turf are sometimes used for the rearing of early peas, which are sown in a warmish house or frame, and gradually hardened so as to bear exposure before removal to the open air. Evaluation of the bioeffects of prenatal ultrasound exposure in the cynomolgus macaque (Macaca fascicularis ): II. It requires free exposure to air and light. The surroundings encompass the most extensive exposure of Durness limestone in Britain, tho there are also areas covered by acidic drift. All coasts in the world which are much intersected by deep fjords have, with very few exceptions, a western exposure, e.g. Similarly the recent experience of zoological gardens, particularly in the case of parrots and monkeys, shows that, excluding draughts, exposure to changes of temperature without artificial heat is markedly beneficial as compared with the older method of strict protection from cold. Comparisons and alternative interpretations are also considered. COMARE will set up a working group to study the risks associated with internal radiation emitters rather than exposure to external sources. Exposure to dangerous chemicals called dioxins can cause a rare form of acne called chloracne. Exposure that is willful. It may be obtained artificially as a white precipitate, which rapidly turns blue or green on exposure, by mixing solutions of ferrous sulphate and sodium phosphate. The white and cream-coloured chalks are much used for building purposes, but the blue is usually too soft for exposure to the weather. The Fragment on Mackintosh is a severe exposure of the flimsiness and misrepresentations of Sir James Mackintosh's famous Dissertation on the Progress of Ethical Philosophy (1830), and discusses the foundations of ethics from the author's utilitarian point of view. That's why the astronauts wore dosimeters to measure the actual exposure. The Territory increased in population and more rapidly in wealth, owing chiefly to the large profits in cattle raising, though this prosperity suffered a check during the severe winter of 1886-1887, when nearly three-fourths of the range cattle died of exposure. Prolonged exposure to the sun can cause skin cancer. dihedral route - amazing exposure and great views; once Mike ran back to Clapham to get his helmet! On exposure to a high temperature, the sapphire usually loses colour, but, unlike ruby, it does not regain it on cooling. Aluminium is a white metal with a characteristic tint which most nearly resembles that of tin; when impure, or after pro longed exposure to air, it has a slight violet shade. 14. nitrogen monoxide Properties: Colorless gas which is immediately oxidized upon exposure to air to brown fumes of nitrogen dioxide. Fatal anaphylaxis followed aprotinin exposure in a local application of fibrin glue [22] . A freshly prepared surface of the metal closely resembles zinc in appearance, but on exposure to the air it rapidly tarnishes, becoming yellowish and ultimately grey or white in colour owing to the formation of a surface layer of calcium hydrate. dietary exposure to dioxins, the report finds, is to reduce consumption of animal fat. The solution is of an orange-red colour, and is quite permanent in the dark, but on exposure to light, gradually becomes colourless, owing to decomposition into hydrobromic acid and oxygen. Exposure definition, the act of exposing, laying open, or uncovering: the sudden exposure of objects that were hidden under the blanket. Copper is not affected by exposure in dry air, but in a moist atmosphere, containing carbonic acid, it becomes coated with a green basic carbonate. The recommended daily dose of mixed carotenoids is 50mg for 6 weeks before exposure, or 25mg for 12 weeks. After an acute exposure to PAHs decontamination of clothing, skin and eyes are important. Coleman in turn informed the duke, and he, since the immediate exposure of the plot was of the utmost consequence to him, induced Charles to compel Oates to appear (28th September) before the privy council. In all mercurial thermometers there is a slight depression of the ice-point after exposure to high temperatures; it is also not uncommon to find that the readings of two thermometers between the iceand boiling-points fail to agree at any intermediate temperature, although the iceand boiling-points of both have been determined together with perfect accuracy, and the intervening spaces have been equally divided. white metal, which readily tarnishes on exposure. The exposure time required to cause miosis depends on agent concentration. Page 1. long shoturns to day over the pier in this larger, longer exposure shot. 324050I caught cold from exposureto the night fog. The ripening process must be brought about by free exposure to light, and by the application of a little extra heat with dryness, if the season should be unfavourable; and both roots and tops must submit to a limitation of their water supply. c. 125, 1867, is of historical interest, in that it contains the first mention of pleuro-pneumonia, and the exposure in any market of cattle suffering from that disease was made an offence. Silks to be finished white are at this point bleached by exposure in a closed chamber to the fumes of sulphurous acid, and at the close of the process the hanks are washed in pure cold water to remove all traces of the acid. This is thought to result from prolonged exposure to carcinogens in food. From Cambridge English Corpus The duration of exposure, the frequency of exposure and the concentration of the insult (exposure) are elements in triggering immune system response. To secure these conditions free exposure to light and air is requisite; but in the case of coppices and woods, or where long straight spars are needed by the forester, plants are allowed to grow thickly so as to ensure development in an upward rather than in a lateral direction.

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