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wits in a sentence

Wits is top of the class in the 2020 Academic Ranking of World Universities. collect your wits. The Wits Reproductive Health and HIV Institute, has come with a new preventative measure, that's 90-percent effective. (2) : a witty utterance or exchange. d : astuteness of perception or judgment : acumen. 7. Read more… I'M at my wits end because of my boyfriend's constant flatulence. n. 1. a. Home Geen categorie battle of wits in a sentence. Speak to most accountants and they would say it is a battle of wits, not to say combative. At wits, I stopped to look at the stars, slightly blurred by a haze, but bright and glowing. The natural ability to perceive and understand; intelligence. Examples of Wit in a sentence. His mouth hung open in indication of the turmoil in his wits as he waited for her reply. It seemed almost as if his wits were sharpened into a keener edge by his very difficulties; but since he condemned on principle every war which was not strictly defensive, and it had fallen to his lot to guide a comparatively small power, he always preferred the way of negotiation, even sometimes where the diplomatic tangle would perhaps best have been severed boldly by the sword. be at wits' end phrase. Geen categorie. Wits definition: the ability to reason and act, esp quickly (esp in the phrase have one's wits about one ) | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples Just be careful to let your opponent know you are using such a website - perhaps the game will turn into a battle of wits through the Internet rather than the game board! The author’s wit makes the novel a humorous and smart read. You'll be offered 3 different characters to choose from, and the ability to use weapons, magic and your wits to save the kingdom from a vicious tyrant. It is extremely important to follow the same style and format consistently throughout your thesis, dissertation or research report. To wit definition is - that is to say : namely. EXAMPLE SENTENCES FROM THE WEB. o pardon me: Extremity, that sharpens sundry wits, Makes me a Foole. This video is unavailable. 2. It's always the most rewarding when you are able to finish a game based on your own wits and skills, but everyone needs a helping hand sometimes. He was the one person of collected wits in the room. Wits in a sentence. Wit definition is - the ability to relate seemingly disparate things so as to illuminate or amuse. MORE » Great Tug of War, The Mmutla is a mischievous trickster hare who gets what he wants by using his wits. 0 During the 'seventies the following epitaph was suggested for him by one of the wits of his day: "Here lies poor old Robert Lowe; Where he's gone to I don't know; If to the realms of peace and love, Farewell to happiness above; If, haply, to some lower level, We can't congratulate the devil." The following year she returned to Sceaux, where she resumed her salon and gathered round her a brilliant company of wits and poets. Serve with low-carb flax toast. I want him awake with his wits about him when we talk. Flax; Flax is not a new food. I shall not be asked to give a notice of a man so universally known, and one who ranks rather with the humorists than the wits. By Have your wits about you. I'm at my wits' end… So far, my examples of prepositions at the end of sentences have all been questions. Above all, the contributor must provide a 100-words short piece showing how the idea can be used in a sentence, a concept, or in a theoretical discourse in the specific field. Short & Simple Example Sentence For Wits | Wits Sentence. This title allows you to interact with a highly detailed environment, using both your tools and your wits to defeat enemies and explore exotic locations. If he does play, however, he will face a keen battle of, Believe me, when you're up there on that stage with just your, I stared perplexedly for a full minute before I rediscovered my, Fabliaux were comical and often grotesque stories in which the characters most often succeed by means of their sharp, He is often considered a dolt and straw man, an unequal contestant in a battle of, The ad was never put on TV because the unexplained ghostly phenomenon frightened the production team out of their, You all know those kinds of drunks that no matter how tanked they get they still seem to get keep their, But he and his men were running out of supplies, and many were at their, I wasn't the only one who lost the way either so just be sure to keep your, He had run a great race, and thrilled the spectators by giving them a real head-to-head battle of, The last partisan was struggling to his feet as an awe-struck Nikolai finally regained the, And it is science fiction about time travel, so you need to keep your, Finally, somewhat protected from the driving rain, they began to regather their, I will stare down the pack of cigarettes, matching, Harry goes for his annual jabs first thing in the morning and I shall need all my, For the price of a week's self-catering in Spain, I've got the pleasure of being terrified out of my, Pamela found herself not wanting the attention, wishing she was away from Dewhurst Manor long enough to collect her, Junior high and high school can terrify the, Shannon stared numbly at her boyfriend, shocked completely out of her, All you need to do is to make up a team of six to eight, give yourself a catchy name and come along to test your, It's going to be a great occasion for my players to pit their, He has taken the odd piece of advice from Middlesbrough boss McClaren, whom he pits his, Paul Mullin is relishing the chance to pit his, With all due respect, sir, living by one's, I don't socialise very much in Galway, I try to keep it quiet because you need to keep your, He might be local, he might be friendly, so you've got to tread carefully but at the same time keep your, Here's to moving the internet out of the stone age, but keeping our, I panicked and, although it would be ridiculous to die of exposure in Norfolk, I could have done if I had not kept my, Shaken up herself, Phoebe decided to make an opportune exit, allowing herself as well as Jess to gather their, Curley as a municipal politician had the keenest, On Day Two of this new job, the Fax Machine and I had a day-long duel of, He said that person should be made captain for their bravery and quick, They are made to open, so you can leave and take time to gather your, As all this happened, I went from being scared out of my, Eagle River didn't seem as warm and colorful as before, now that we were scared out of our, A host of Hallowe'en events are taking place for those who like to be scared out of their, An escalation in vandalism has been reported by residents since Christmas and some are now at their, But I imagine that both the teacher and the other children were at their, A disabled council tenant says she was left at her, Fairfax's readers are old and dying faster than they can be replaced, according to some, The outskirts of space are wild indeed and those with the fastest draws and the quickest, Success is possible but so is failure, so you are urged to keep your, But, at the beginning of the week she was at her, So they went around the house trying to use their, After a successful career as an electronics engineer Ian now lives by his, Being able to think and reason the survival of the fittest wasn't just down to strength but also, The old book merely sat and waited for the clearly flustered young woman to gather her, When Jack first arrives on the island, he's armed only with a butterfly knife and his, There, the Indian pair will be matching their, Drake took a long moment to gather his scattered, I felt that I had witnessed some type of argument, sibling rivalry, and battle of, Keimer attempted to reply in Hudibrastic verse on one occasion, but the battle of, There will be a comedy panel game as part of the show in which comedians will pit their, Bailey Lockhart is a bush pilot, pitting her, We have faced quite a few of them so far and Manchester United have got some great players who you like to pit your, I flail in terror to the nearest bank, where I try to gather my, Determined to have their say before senility scrambled their, It was a great night for the organizers and there was a full house present to pit their, Which parent in Central Park, young child in tow, has not been menaced out of his, But rather than scare people out of their, And when rappers battle one another with their, They thought he was an old has-been, that the fever had fuddled his, Hence the string of television programmes that have been commissioned of late showing people binning their PAYE existence, going out on a limb and living by their own, Born to a starving English artist and a French chorus girl, Becky is orphaned and learns to rely on, The hoodlums are smart but not too smart, and the movie sets up a pretty fair match of, She wrenched her wrist away and backed away, trying to gather her, Far less appreciated, Houston, rather than being a southern city of duller, With every corner she turned she had to fly past another guard, and with every door she opened another alarm would sound and scare her out of her, If, after your frustrating rush-hour road-rage journey to the gym, you're still a bit torpid, keep your, Their home is now the mountain tor, their, Meanwhile, the woman says she and her children are at their, We're playing a team two divisions up in a great stadium and it's a good opportunity for us to pit our, Bringing his girlfriend Tania MacHale with him for luck, he pitted his, I submit that the Perrault brothers were the, As an impecunious artist myself, I have indeed had to learn to live by my, Mimes and jugglers swarmed among the tables, followed by young comedians with mirthless eyes, living by their, While soccer stars are duking it out in South Africa, math nerds matched, I have to say I don't think it's ever been any easier for me in terms of match action than it was in San Marino, but you have to keep your, After his first maze drew more than 18,000 visitors in only three weeks, Herbst's agritainment concept was born and has gone on to challenge the, I realized that I needed to take a deep breath, gather my, As a result, Tallulah found herself hailed as one of the, When this lowsome rank, of which I'm one, hope to talk unthunk, sans garden, to You whose laughter at my, Brain Freeze is a podium-based trivia game show, that puts three individuals against each other in a fun battle of the, They are also boasters and threateners and are fond of pompous language, and yet they have sharp, Kendall conceded defeat once she realized she could not win in a battle of, Prior to the Licensing Act 1737, theatre was the first choice for most, The film is a tale about a wily Irishman and his battle of, He was confused, half elated, half disappointed, and had not his, I remember how you downed Beauclerk and Hamilton, the, In a truly Swiftian way, Wycherley forces the audience, or those of them who have the, These things so ensorceled me and baffled my, The boss and my fellow workers were well aware of my drinking habits, but I had always been able to keep my, In Ariosto's satiric homage to the earlier poet, the only thing that emerges at the end of the scene is our hero, covered in feculence, nude, his, But it is also a collection of villages, a ruralized metropolis where people live by their, Then wheeling his black steed suddenly, he raced away before the dazed soldiers could get their, As their bodily exercise was Frenchly, so their, I am much consoled by the reflection that the religion of Christ has been attacked in vain by all the, Drivers will be tested for memory and car-handling skills while they pit their, The thickness of mirk is bad enough, but the thickness of white, illimitable ether is worse a thousandfold, for it closes the eye and mazes the, The event turned into a big bash, with 806, The foundation stone for the Central Block was laid in 1922 and, Teddy bear-themed stories were told, while eagleeyed visitors could spot woolly bears dotted throughout the woods, courtesy of the Guisborough Knit, At the sight of him the Princess lost her, He had a vigorous ally in my mother, who brought her own bright, It were better for the shrewd Berliner if his, The son of the Prussian, the Prussian, as the pothouse, His garrulity might have an alcoholic basis, but his, So if at the worst it is inanimate then anyhow we have our poor wills and our poor, So when Frigg heard of Balder's woeful dream, she was frightened almost out of her, You insist on seeing visions, you lose your, We visited him at Winchester, and found him sorely old and with failing, I trust that your good man here is not jealous, for beauty, you well do ken, ever sends the, She went a little pale over her mistakes, but preserved her dignity and her, And weel ye may, for it's you that's been motherin him ever since I lost my, This mousing owl will search the crannies even of a woman's, His insistence on the point was of itself suspicious, but eagerness to protect her stultified his, Six years ago to-day it was I came to Rome, with barely an obol of ready money, to make my fortune by my, It means, of course, when the functionary in question is a man who has his, She had bravely striven to keep her fairyhood, and in the battle of, Then suddenly, as she struggled to refocus her wandering, Are not my arms as strong, my hands as deft, my, Here sat Entwistle senior, stone-deaf, almost blind, but with his eighty-year-old, Her tone was a clear intimation to the man of, That he had needed a stimulant that day was because he had been soured and would not try with his, The harlequin and Scaramouch in early times were, however, speaking characters, and often celebrated, Of the two, Samba and the crocodile, it was the saurian that first recovered his, It was in charge of an agent who was a sharpish fellow, with all his, Now is the time for you to employ all your five natural, Hume lingered for a moment, offering a counterstroke of indifference in what he had always known would be a test of, And he explained in detail the scheme upon which his, His thwarted desires of yesterday were the despots of his, He kinged it in the coffee-house, then the fashionable place at which the, It is wonderful what a sharpener of the poor, Take up Bach, if you must unlimber your fingers and your, Feeling indignant that he was not taken into his tutor's confidence, he set his, Look at the way the Ulster people have frightened the, I felt that I might, perhaps, after all, succeed in keeping my, The result is extraordinarily stimulating to our English, I did every wild extravagance that could be done, and was a long way beyond the end of my, He was a man-about-town, living, to all appearance, by his, But he was up again almost as soon as he had fallen, and right quickly retreated to his own ringside to gather his, Thee-ing and thou-ing till it is enough to fuddle a sober man's, What is it when you've got behind the whereases and the saids and to, In short, I behaved myself so unaccountably, that they were all of the captain's opinion when he first saw me, and concluded I had lost my, He thought it would be good for them to be thrown in contact with the Kentish lads, and it would sharpen the country, Toppy shook his head, like a pugilist clearing his, The five aurei promised him by Menecreta sharpened his resourceful, He might grab that wad of bills and be out of sight in the darkness before the other could collect his, What philtre do those baggages give you to rob you of your, I've been working away at mathematics till my head is in a muddle, and I'm going to freshen my, He was a man-about-town, living, to all appearances, by his, The Revenge lost her fore-topmast ere the swine could find their, He clambered round through the cellars with eyes and, I suspect that he had been roughly handled by Captain Anthony up there, and the resentment gave a tremendous fillip to the slow play of his, Wilson knew Roxy by sight, and when the duel of, Fools are we all indeed that serve them, and fitter subjects for their scorn and laughter, than if we were born with but half our, With Panda, indeed, little could be done, for he lived softly, speaking always as one whose, She, poor innocent creature, is left to be victimized by an old man who has outlived his, When the appetites of the whole were appeased, the squaws removed the trenchers and gourds, and the two parties began to prepare themselves for a subtle trial of their, There were lulls in the fighting when the two would stand panting for breath, facing each other, mustering their, Spectator' then, and was constantly in the company of Addison, and Steele, and Swift, and Pope, and all the, The government must stand firm and not buckle down in this game of, O senor, senor, for God's sake, consider yourself, have a care for your honour, and give no credit to this silly stuff that has left you scant and short of, Get thee home, blockhead, and see after thy affairs, and thy wife and children, and give over these fooleries that are sapping thy brains and skimming away thy.

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